Promoting and Increasing Knowledge, Skills, and Proficiency

NL Institute of Agrologists

An agrologist, as defined by the NLIA, is a professional agriculturalist registered as an agrologist with the NLIA and may be non-practicing or practicing. Practicing agrologists may teach, demonstrate or practically apply the science of agriculture, may advise, or may conduct scientific experiments and research in relation to agriculture as a chief occupation.

The purpose of the NLIA is to promote and increase the knowledge, skills and proficiency of its members in the practice of agrology while ensuring the proficiency and competency of P.Ag’s registered within the Province.

Areas of Practice

Professional Agrologists provide advice and expertise to the agricultural community using scientific evidence-based principles that are founded on education and real world experiences. Certified agrologists can provide expertise on such topics as:

  • Agronomy
  • Crop selection, health and production
  • Livestock production and health
  • Agricultural business/economics
  • Pest management

  • Soil science and conservation
  • Biofuels
  • Agri-environment
  • Ecology
  • Food safety
  • Secondary processing

Board Members

Sabrina Ellsworth P.Ag.

David Jennings, P.Ag.
Past- President

Dr. Vanessa Kavanagh
P.Ag. – President-Elect

Blaine Hussey, P.Ag.
Western Director

Vanessa Kavanagh, P.Ag.
Western Director

Charles Kelsey, P.Ag.
Eastern Director

Frank Hender, P.Ag.
Eastern Director

Samir Debnath, P.Ag.

Darryl Martin, P.Ag.

Gary Bishop, P.Ag.

Agrologists Act

The NLIA Agrologists Act is statutory law and provides the NLIA with the ability to regulate the profession within Newfoundland and Labrador.